The St. John Capitol Improvement Fund is currently being spent on hauling trash and other ways that have not had an obvious beneficial outcome for St. John. The below list is comprised of just a few ideas that have been presented over the years as potential uses for these funds. Have others? Contact us and let us know!


Cruz Bay Downtown Shuttle

With a set course through the busiest parts of Cruz Bay, this shuttle would help clear congestion, provide tourists seamless, enjoyable navigation and help expedite their movements from shop to shop and restaurant to restaurant.

Cruz Bay Cultural, Entertainment and Sports Park

Currently unused land not suitable for any large-scale development, the four acres near the car barge, surrounded by the gravel lot, provides excellent opportunity for myriad visions. A vendor's village,stage for events, fundraisers and Carnival activities; a farmers market, fish market, a running track with outdoor exercise stations and area for sporting competitions with facilities are just some of the concepts that have been suggested.

Cruz Bay Waterfront Boardwalk

Expanding on the beach access in front of Wharfside, a boardwalk from there to Gallows Point and from the ferry dock to Battery Park would create increased foot traffic to local businesses (away from motor traffic) and additional space for enjoyment of the downtown area and natural beauty of St. John.

King Hill Road completion

With only one road currently providing access, Coral Bay is at the risk of being completely cut off should disaster strike the island. Considering its already remote accessibility, Coral Bay would benefit greatly from the completion of King Hill road as a secondary entry point to the area. 

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