Enhancing the awareness and education of our island's natural environment and local heritage, the Objectives of Foundation Park are:

  • To restore and preserve for public benefit the 2.3 acres on Gifft Hill at Bellevue, which will be planned, maintained and managed by the Foundation and collaborating individuals and organizations as a place of natural, historical and educational interest for the benefit of people residing in, or visiting, St. John.
  • To develop and advance the education of local people in horticulture, gardening skills, the natural environment and local heritage, as well as to promote good health and provide facilities for recreation, leisure, and other educational instruction.

We are currently operating under grants from the Department of Agriculture and the Forestry Division on a reforestation project and a specialty crop program.

We have also recently leased a portion of the property to the St. John Historical Society for the future development of a Museum and Archives and look forward to their ongoing archeological projects that started in 2014 and will continue for the next several years!

We are also designing the St. John Community Pavillion that will be a beautiful location for social events, business meetings and can be used as an entertainment venue.


Stay tuned for pictures and more details of our progress...





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