Going green isn't about transforming your life overnight - it's about small steps...

From greening your cleaning to saving water and energy, the quick tips below can help you start living the eco-friendly life, one day at a time. 

GoGreenVI, a St. John Community Foundation program, helps address environmentally sustainable options for waste management in our territory. Over 2 million cans come into this island and can be diverted from the landfill with your help! Adopt-A-BIn and help recycle aluminum cans across St. John. 

We are also in the process of developing the Green Stamp Program for St. John Businesses. Stay tuned for updates!

Contact us for more information. 


1. REDUCE. Implement one or more energy efficient suggestions:

  • Put hot water heater on a timer
  • Unplug electronics when not in use
  • It's beautiful outside! Hang wash out to dry rather than using the machine
  • Replace older appliances with energy efficient ones


2. REUSE. Try using recycled paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, office paper) and packaging (in-house food containers, shipping boxes/stuffing, etc). Avoid buying over-packaged products and reuse packaging whenever possible.


3. RECYCLE. Participate in the Aluminum Can recycling Program by separating aluminum cans and dropping them off at one of many green bins near the dumpsters. If your business wants a bin and you can maintain it, or if you want to become a recycling volunteer and help maintain one of the island bins, please contact us. Take your other recyclables to the right place: household batteries and used printer cartridges to our offices; car batteries, tires, electronics, scrap metal, etc to the Susannaberg dump.


4. REDUCE WATER USAGE. We all know how precious this resource is, especially on St. John. Reduce the amount of bottled drinking water you use and visit St. John Ice or one of the several refill stations around island. At less than half the price, this drastically reduces the amount of plastic in the landfills. 


5. BUY LOCAL. Food & other products that have been created here don't require all of the energy and resources it takes to ship the stuff from somewhere else.


6. CLEAN GREEN. Use eco-friendly cleaners instead of harsh chemicals and toxic mixtures. Simple ingredients like baking soda, vinegar and lemon are perfect for most messes.


7. TRAVEL SMART. Team up for St. Thomas shopping runs and use the $1 VItran bus between Cruz Bay and Coral Bay rather than your car. For short journeys … walk- it's good for you, as well as the environment!


8. COMPOST. Or contribute your food waste to someone who does! The St. John Community Foundation is in the process of developing easy-to-use home composting kits. Stay tuned for details! 


9. REUSE SHOPPING BAGS:  Many St. John businesses offer eco-friendly, reusable bags. Keep them in your car, and stop taking plastic bags home!



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